Posted by Jerky Guru on 1/21/2016 to News
Hello Hot Meat Lovers!

The time has come and we're putting in our first order for Ghost Jerky apparel! We've been through several rounds of designs and have finally made some difficult decisions. We have a T-shirt, a loose fitting Ladies shirt and Hoodies, both zipped and pull-over. They are all available in Black or Grey. The brands we've selected are favorites of ours that we wear very frequently and we want everyone to enjoy these as much as we do.

Here's the deal, if you purchase an item we'll send you a discount code off a future Jerky or Swag purchase once this initial buy has ended. They will be unique and have no expiration date so you're welcome to hoard them if you'd like. The discounts will go like this:

Purchase a T-shirt, get $3 off a future order, Ladies shirt = $7 off, Hoodie = $15 off

If you live in Atlanta and would like to save on shipping, have it delivered to us and we'll get it to you. Otherwise, you can have them shipped directly to you.

Kotis Design ibuy - Make sure to click on "view full proof" once you've selected an item to check out the entire design. Both versions of the Hoodie have a front and back design, as well as pepper print inside the hood (our favorite part!). The unisex T-shirt also has a front and back design, while the Ladies shirt is only on the front.

The current deadline to get an order in is January 31st but we may end up extending it by a few days to allow more to get in on the order.

Thank You for helping us spread the meaty love!

Welcome to Ghost Jerky online

Posted by Marketing Maven on 10/1/2015 to News

Welcome, jerky fans! We’re thrilled to finally be launching our website and online store! Once you’ve finished making arrangements to restock your jerky cabinet please check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Ghost Jerky is pretty much the perfect travel buddy, so snap a selfie or shot of you and your pals enjoying some Ghost Jerky at home or on the road and be sure to tag us!